3 Step Bed Bug Laundry Process




Our professional technicians will come to your home and gather all your infected laundry, put in plastic bags and transport to our facility. Once at our facility, we dry in 160 degree heat, wash in 120 degree hot water with our special bed bug detergent, then dry in 160 degree heat to further kill any bed bug eggs attached to your clothing. We return all laundry, folded in sealed plastic bags.


Benefits of using our Service


Currently several bed bug pest control companies use our services. We also provide laundry services to over 30 plus elderly homes in the MD, VA , DC, PA and DE areas. Pest control companies use Bed Bug Wash for prep and laundry to ensure their treatment process is effective. Without proper prepping and cleaning of laundry, pest control companies cannot always guarantee their treatment. Using our services ensures that everything within the treatment guidelines was done to ensure the treatment was successful.




Our customers are overly pleased with our services. Here are a few of our most recent customer emails thanking us for service.