When your home, office or institution is infested with bed bugs, you have to hire a professional extermination company. Extermination companies can only exterminate when your property complies with a pre-extermination checklist. The checklist includes moving large pieces of furniture from walls, removal of socket and light covers, disassembling beds, removing carpet from baseboards and other tasks. In addition, the extermination does not include treating bed bug infested laundry or fabric items. Does this sound overwhelming? It is very overwhelming for most people! Let us help you manage your bed bug infestation! We offer a pre-extermination preparation service and a laundry service to assist you as you rid your home of a bed bug infestation.


3 Step Process




Our professional technicians will come to your home and gather all your infected laundry, put in plastic bags and transport to our facility. Once at our facility, we wash in hot water with our special bed bug detergent, then dry in 160 degree heat to further kill any bed bug eggs attached to your clothing.




Whether your getting a heat or chemical treatment, we prepare your home so you don't have to. Our services include moving all furniture away from walls so there is a 3 foot space between the furniture and walls. We also remove socket covers, break down beds and provide a complete preparation for any and all bed bug treatments. After the treatment process is complete, we come back and put everything back in it's original location.


Furniture and Mattress Removable


When removing bed bug infested objects from your home, its important not to spread them throughout your home or residents. Our team of professionals wrap all heavy furniture in plastic and remove from your home.


Benefits of using our Service


Currently several bed bug pest control companies use our services. We also provide laundry services to over 30 plus elderly homes in the MD, VA , DC area. Pest control companies use Bed Bug Wash for prep and laundry to ensure their treatment process is effective. Without proper prepping and cleaning of laundry, pest control companies cannot always guarantee thier treatment. Using our services ensures that everything possibly was done to ensure the treatment was successful.